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Lineage II Helios x75 - Features
« on: November 19, 2021, 08:41:24 PM »

Interlude x75

No level gap. You can level with any character of any level in your party retail like.
Class balance: All* skills and formulas are retail.
NPC Buffer.
Farm style server. No spoil or craft is needed.
Farm difficulty is medium.
Clan level 5 (free).
Clan skills can be bought from GM Shop with raid tokens & event tokens.
Offline shop.
Flawless geodata.
Events: Multiple automatic TVT events every day & at least 1 GM event daily.
Active Development team with constant content updates.
Automatic Tournament - 4 times a day


Enchant Rate: Fully Retail
Weapon Enchanting: Fighter weapons have higher chance to succeed than mage weapons. Enchant rate is the same for all enchant levels.
Armor/Jewel Enchanting: Enchant rate drops after each enchant
Safe Enchant: +3. For full body armor parts +4
Enchant limit: No limit
Normal and blessed scroll enchant rates are the same.

Custom Content

FOI: Spell Force is - NOT - needed to cast this skill, but you lose the FOI buff/effect when you attack or use any skill. (Gracia/H5 style).
Cancel: Returns buffs after 5 seconds.
Seal of Suspension: Duration reduced from 120 seconds to 60 seconds.

Helios Weapons (Available at start with Raid Tokens dropped by Raid bosses in our list).
Helios Armors (Available after the first content update).
Helios Armor Special Abilities (Available after the second content update).
Helios Weapon Bonus SA (Available after the third content update).
Tateossian Jewellery debuff resists SA (Available after the third content update).


Buff slots: 24 (20+4).
Divine inspiration level 1 & 2 are free. Level 3 & 4 books are available in shop.
All skills are auto-learn.
NPC Buffer includes all buffs.
Buff duration: 90 minutes

Raid Bosses & Epics

Raid bosses will be spawning throughout the entire day so there will always be something to fight for.
List of Helios raid bosses: [All Helios RBs have a respawn time of 4 hours]

1. Varka's Hero Shadith
2. Varka's Chief Horus
3. Varka's Commander Mos
4. Ketra's Hero Hekaton
5. Ketra's Commander Tayr
6. Ketra's Chief Brakki
7. Ember
8. Cherub Galaxia
9. Uruka
10. Anais

Epic Bosses [Static Times]

Core: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 22:00
Orfen: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 22:00
QA: Daily - 23:00
Zaken:  Monday, Wednesday - 23:45
Baium:  Tuesday, Thusrday - 23:45
Antharas:  Friday - 23:30
Valakas:  Saturday - 23:30

Sub-class & Noblesse

Sub-class: Free

Noblesse: Caradine's letter on GM shop. You will need only barakiel last hit with a sub-class level 75.
Our server offers retail Barakiel and PVP Barakiel. For retail barakiel, you will need caradine's letter from the GM shop, the quest taken and a sub-class level 75. PVP Barakiel drops noblesse passes with which you can become noblesse by clicking on them.


You can use up to A grade items without enchant restrictions(Epics will be allowed).
Olympiad fights duration is 3 minutes.
We have created an olympiad style as close to C4/C5 as possible in order to offer a bigger diversity of classes. Heroes will be rewarded with donate coins.
Olympiad cycle: 1 week
Olympiad starts: TBD
Olympiad will be active from (?) GMT+2 until (?) GMT+2

Premium Account

VIP chat (^)
x1.5 XP/SP
x1.5 adena (amount)
x2 drop (amount)
x2 tvt event reward

Any other features not mentioned above are either retail or not relevant to the gameplay on Lineage 2 Helios.
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