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Top Clan [Weekly] Event
« on: November 24, 2021, 11:38:19 PM »
Introducing our unique Clan Points system! This point system is used to determine the top clan of the week on L2 Helios and reward them with real cash $.

How does it work ? Every week, clans can farm those points via our 10 special RBs, Epics, Castle siege & Heroes (Details for the point system can be found below). Every Monday at 02:00 AM GMT+2 the list will be refreshed and the clan with the most points will be the winner. This will trigger a new weekly cycle where all clans start from 0 points again for the new week.

How are those points obtained exactly ? 1. When a clan member last hits one of our special RBs. 2. When a clan member last hits an Epic boss. 3. When a clan is victorious over a castle siege. 4. When a clan member claims his Hero status.

How many points does each even provide ?

[Special RBs]

15 points per RB.


Valakas: 1.000 points
Antharas: 1.000 points
Baium: 500 points
Zaken: 250 points
QA: 150 points
Core: 100 points
Orfen: 100 points


Aden Castle: 1.000 points
Rune Castle: 750 points
Goddard Castle: 750 points
Giran Castle: 500 points


200 points per Hero.